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Elizabeth Sands Eyelash Extension Courses

Eyelash Extension treatments are incredibly popular with many beauty clients avoiding the hassle of daily make-up and opting for the enhanced facial definition of semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

From dramatic lashes to flatteringly-tinted brows, eyelash treatments are in-demand all year round, and the semi-permanent nature of the treatment means that your clients will return regularly for maintenance, making them hugely profitable services to offer.

The Elizabeth Sands Beauty School trains students in a wide range of Eyelash Extension Courses at our Portadown, Northern Ireland location including the flagship Combined Russian Volume and Individual Eyelash Extension Course.

Which of the Eyelash Extension Courses Should I Take?

There is a lot, and we mean a lot, of information to take in about Eyelash Extension Treatments and Eyelash Extension Courses. We have put together this guide to help you decide which is the best course for you. (If you are still not sure which course to take after reading the guide or if you have a burning question you have to ask right away you can message us anytime on Facebook).

  • Just Starting Out – If you wish to work as a mobile beauty therapist or offer beauty treatments from home, we recommend the Combined Russian Volume and Individual Eyelash Extension Course. This intensive course with complete aftercare, ongoing support and qualifies successful students with a certification from The Guild of Beauty Therapists. This certification enables you to gain public liability (beauty) insurance to work with paying clients. Qualifying in the Combined Russian Volume and Individual Eyelash Extension Course empowers you to begin earning straight away from home or mobile.
  • Self-Employed Beauty Therapist – Are you already providing beauty treatments and wish to add to your portfolio from a home business or a rented chair in a salon? Our Combined Russian Volume and Individual Eyelash Extension Course is an ideal way to expand your services beyond hair, brows, makeup, or tanning. If you are already providing one type of Eyelash Extension treatment and are looking to build up your skill set, you should consider our standalone Individual Eyelash Extension Course, the Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Course, or for clients looking for a non-extension treatment our Triple Lash Lift gets incredible feedback from students and clients alike.
  • Salon Owner – The one and two-day Eyelash Extension courses with follow up coaching and support from the Elizabeth Sands Beauty School are an ideal way for salon owners to increase options for staff to fill their bookings with very profitable treatments with lots of rebooking opportunities.

All Elizabeth Sands Beauty School Eyelash Extension Courses come with a certified Diploma from The Guild of Beauty Therapists.

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Which Courses Cover Which Treatments?

Lash Lift Eyelash Extension Course

Ok, we are cheating a little with the first course because it is not an eyelash extension treatment, but it is an incredibly popular alternative with clients.

An eyelash lift is typically a 40 to 60-minute treatment that lifts your lashes from the root and applies a tint to create definition. The result is a stunning ‘open eye’ effect that can last six to eight weeks and when augmented with mascara makes your eyes pop.

The Triple Lash Lift Eyelash Extension Course teaches students how to lengthen, volumise and lift beautiful lashes. Elizabeth Sands, trained by LVL, offers a more affordable course on how to provide the highest quality treatment without being locked into any one brand. This treatment is vital to add to your portfolio as not all clients can have individual lash extensions due to their lifestyle. Combining this with your other lash treatments is very lucrative for your business.

Individual Eyelash Course

Also known as Classic Semi-Permanent Lashes these are the most common type of lash extension. Each one of the client’s lashes are isolated one at a time, and a false lash applied on top.

This means that as your client’s natural lash grows out the false lash will grow with it and therefore not get tangled or damage their natural lashes. This also means that they can be infilled after the false lash falls off without building lashes up on top of each other.

These lashes are usually 0.15mm or 0.20mm so slightly thicker than your natural lash and come in various curls, lengths, and materials such as synthetic, mink, silk, or cashmere with each type giving a different look.

Depending on the Beauty Therapist individual lashes should take between 1hr15 – 2hrs. Any less than that and you risk not applying them correctly. The more lashes client has, the longer the treatment will take.

Clients should expect individual lashes to last two to four weeks depending on how quick their lashes grow and how well they look after them. We suggest recommending your clients get an infill every two to three weeks.

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions create a lightweight, feathery look that is ideal for weddings, holidays and date nights. Russian Volume eyelashes look incredibly glamorous and voluptuous while remaining natural and subtle. 

Designed to provide as much volume as possible, but in a way that does not overload or damage the natural lashes, they require skill to apply. Their lightweight nature allows 2-7 lashes to be applied per natural lash and they last longer than classic eyelash extensions due to their lightweight. As they are so fine in texture, the regrowth evenly falls out and looks less patchy.

Russian Volumes Lashes are just like your lashes but lots more of them. 

Students often ask how they will know when to use classic Individual Eyelash Extensions or Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions on clients. 

We recommend that students should apply Russian style enables the Beauty Therapist to apply fuller volume extensions to clients who might have quite sparse lashes as they can use more than one false lash to each lash. The finish is also much softer and fluffier, and because they are so lightweight, they look and feel much more like your lashes and therefore generally last longer too. 

For clients who are lucky enough to have lots of lovely long natural lashes, the Classic style may be more suited. Many clients also prefer to have a more pronounced or dramatic look. In which case Classic would be the way to go!

How good is your instructor?

Before you book any beauty course ALWAYS ask to see recent examples of students work. Irregardless of who you are booking training with look for examples of past students work. If it’s not on the website or social media pages ask for five or six examples of their most recently qualified students.

At the Elizabeth Sands Beauty School we’re proud of what our students achieve and regularly share their amazing results here on our website and our social media feeds. You can check out our posts below or head over to our Facebook page for even more examples of the professionally high training  standard of our Eyelash Extension Courses students.

Student Reviews

The Elizabeth Sands Beauty School courses are rated 5 stars on Google and Facebook by our growing army of students who go on to successful Beauty Careers. Check out some of them below or visit our Facebook page for more.

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